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Family Reintegration & Retention (R&R) is a family reunification program that benefits men and women who are in recovery.

PATCHH understands the importance helping men and women who are living recovery lifestyles.  We facilitate cognitive self change lessons into helping build and sustain healthy relationships with spouses children,extended family members and significant others.  

The Family R&R program is scheduled for the second Friday of each month, even if the client does not choose to participate. Through our cognitive self-change lessons, clients and family members are able to practice right thinking that leads to positive outcomes with their loved one working through chemical dependency.

These super charged interactions in high risk situations has led to past fights and negative consequences.  The next time something goes haywire, the family is prepared and has already developed strong interventions for self and for their loved one battling substance abuse. 

The program provides opportunities to address cognitive motivations in the dynamics of interpersonal family relationships and roles; including parents, children, spouses, significant others, and alternative partner relationships.

We celebrate milestones and completion of modules with family nights.  These special events include food, games, socializing, and an open mic for the men and women in recovery to say thank you to their loved ones and express their appreciation, hopes, and dreams. 

Clients, families, and the community benefit when socially challenged citizens are able to establish healthy relationships and family structure.

Family Reintegration & Retention

Family R&R