Anthony started Patchh with financial aid he received while attending graduate school. He understands the power of service to change one's own life while helping transform other lives. "Education is hidden key to recovery"

Protecting the civil liberties of men and women

with a chronic history of substance abuse

Promoting emotional and mental

health priorities for at-risk populations


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PATCHH Corporation was founded in 2014, by the current Executive Director, Anthony Davis.  His driving passion is to ensure  men and women suffering from addictive-lifestyle patterns are able to regain manageability over their lives.

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Patchh America

​​Public Advocates Transforming

Communities Health & Housing

Over the past couple of years, PATCHH leadership has identified common barriers to student success.  Alcohol and substance abuse.  Now We Fight Addiction A New Way!


PATCHH Corporation started simply, in 2014, as a group of three volunteer advocates working to help low income students get out of default on their student loans and return to college - so they could improve the quality of their lives.