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Patchh America

​​Public Advocates Transforming

Communities Health & Housing

We are committed to influencing mental health policy.  We are a grassroots organization - organized to influence national health policy by partnering with civic groups and the media. 

We focus on improving access to quality mental health care, access to affordable counseling and medication, and the protection and enhancement of patient's rights for disadvantaged and low income citizens with mental  health issues. 

Cognitive Behavior Modification

Cognitive behavioral therapy has been found to be effective with substance abusers, juvenile offenders, adult offenders,  and violent offenders. There is evidence of positive changes in the behavior of probationers, prisoners, and parolees.  Cognitive behavioral therapy addresses a host of problems associated with lifestyle behavior.

Behavioral Therapy has proven effective in various social adjustment settings - both in institutions and in the community.  We advocate for community wide implementation of cognitive therapy programs for residents with a history of social adjustment issues. 

Mental Health

We support increasing advocacy resources for local, state, and nationwide change. Our support goals include lobbying opportunities, legislative education events, and public policy position papers. 

Our Goal is to develop collaborative partnerships in order to find lasting solutions to substance abuse related issues. We also seek to educate key leaders on long term solutions to drug related problems facing their urban communities. 


 What is our Public Health Philosophy? 

Our Public Health Strategy is to use data driven research to  influence public health policy in the areas of mental health, drug abuse, and criminal behavior modification.